British Universities Karting Championship

British Universities Karting Championship 1

The British Universities Karting Championship (BUKC) is a karting series held for full time university students throughout the United Kingdom. The series is held over nine rounds with over 100 teams taking part.

The series was preceded by the Inter Universities Karting Championship, but in 2001, Will Tew and Tom Batho, two students at the Imperial College London formed a new series. This series used two-stroke karts, supplied by Club 100, as opposed to the four-stroke machines used in the previous championship and soon most teams had moved to this new series.

In 2003, Will and Tom formed 3T Racing Limitedwhich became the sole organisers of the series. 

The Basics

A BUKC season begins with two qualifiers which are followed by 8 rounds of racing spread across six separate race days. For drivers new to the series, three test days are available to learn both the handling and performance of the karts as well as the tracks.

A rookie championship is also held for teams that do not qualify for the main championship.

Entry Requirements

There are a number of basic entry requirements;

  1. 1.Drivers must be 18 or older.
  2. 2.Teams must consist of 4 drivers.
  3. 3.Drivers must weigh at least 75kg.
  4. 4.Drivers must be at least 5’ tall.

Test Days

Drivers who have never taken part in the series must attend at least one test day to enable them to race in the championship. This is strictly enforced. These test days allow each team two hours out on the track. This allows new team members to become familiar with the Club 100 two-stroke karts, as well as allowing teams to practice fuel stops and driver changes. Up to four drivers may drive for a team on a test day. Team participation in a test day will cost £180.

British Universities Karting Championship 2


As more teams look to enter each year, those wanting to be considered for the championship must first enter one of two qualifiers. These qualifiers determine the top 52 teams that move onto the championship itself. Those who do not qualify gain automatic entry into the rookie championship.

The qualifiers are run as follows:

  • Four 20 minute practice sessions with the last 10 minutes serving as qualifying.
  • Eight 25 minute races (of which the best six race results count towards final scores).

Entry into the qualifiers costs £540 per team (£135 per driver).

National Championship

The championship takes place over 8 rounds, spread across 4 race days. It is run over a period of two months. Each race day includes two rounds which feature two forms of racing.

Sprint races

These are where each driver must race in a 25 minute dash to the finish. The three best results go towards the teams overall score.

Endurance races

These are where teams are divided into two separate squads of two drivers each. Each of these teams then takes part in a separate endurance race taking place over 1 hour. During the course of the race, two fuels stops are required while a minimum of one driver switch must take place.

Teams entering each round must consist of four drivers although a team need not be the same drivers from round to round. Entry into each round is £240 per team (£60 per driver).

Rookie Championship

If a team does not qualify for the national championship they are eligible to enter the rookie championship. This championship allows teams new to karting to compete with fellow beginners, making it easier to learn the basics in less stressful racing conditions. Four rookie events are held each year.