Royal Navy Karting Championship

Royal Navy Karting Championship 1

The Royal Navy Karting Championship is held for personnel serving on ships, submarines and various other units of the Royal Navy. It takes place over three rounds and is held during the course of April to October each year at various tracks around the United Kingdom.

The series, which was first established in 2013, began as a way to enable navy personnel interested in motorsport, and karting in particular, the opportunity to take part in kart racing while serving their country. The series is run by 3T Racing, a company with a karting pedigree spanning 13 years experience. 3T Racing also runs the incredibly successful British Schools and British Universities Karting Championships.

Top of the Range Machines

All teams compete in two-stroke karts supplied and maintained by Club 100 who have been at the forefront of “arrive and drive” kart racing for the past 22 years.  These karts are no ordinary two-stroke machines like those found at your local indoor go-kart track. They are in fact state of the art 115cc two-stroke monsters, able to reach a white knuckle top speed of close to 70mph. Their acceleration is also astonishing, in fact they can reach 60mph from a standing start in just 4,5 seconds. This speed and acceleration is amplified by the fact that drivers are in the open and sitting just inches from the tarmac!

Teams who enter the championship will be driving one of the foremost karting fleets in the “arrive and drive” market.  Each kart is identical and Club 100 mechanics and personnel ensure that the machines are in top condition before each practice, qualifying session and race. This means that the winning team at each race day will stand on top of the podium due to the skill of its drivers, true racing at its finest! 

Royal Navy Karting Championship 2

Entry Requirements

The events are open to all members of the Royal Navy and are sanctioned by The Royal Navy Royal Marines Motor Sports Association (RNRMMSA). Events can be entered either as an individual or as a four man team representing your specific vessel, submarine or naval unit.

To enter a race day will cost £480. This entry fee covers a team of four drivers (£120 for each team member). Not only will this fee give you access to a day of adrenaline filled entertainment but all the accessories a team will need to compete. This includes the two-stroke 115cc kart and all its components, plus the Club 100 mechanics and necessary fuel. Safety is of the utmost importance and teams will be supplied with racing suits, racing helmets and gloves. Should an incident occur, a paramedic will be on site at all times to attend to any injuries.

Race Day Format

Race day begins with a compulsory testing period of two hours. Here each driver will get themselves accustomed with the handling and performance of the kart as well as learning the finer points of racing on the specific track. Guidance is available for newcomers who have never raced before.

Once testing is over, the racing begins!  Here each driver will partake in a 25 minute race which contributes towards a team’s score at the end of the race day. Only the three best placed drivers in the team will have their points count towards a final tally.

This format is repeated for three rounds to crown an overall champion at the end of the season.

RNRMMSA Involvement

The RNRMMSA endorses numerous motorsport programmes for Navy personnel, including karting. All RNRMMSA members receive “ON DUTY STATUS” if they attend sanctioned events, transport to events (if possible) as well as insurance from the Ministry of Defence.