Online Karting Games

Here are a few cool karting games you may want to check out online if you fancy a quick virtual race before you venture into the real world of karting…

Red Bull Kart Fighter

Online Karting Games 1

Red Bull Kart Fighter is a top down browser karting game where you choose between three different game modes to race against time or computer players.

For a browser game it offers a fairly decent set of customisable upgrades for your karts as well as the bog standard paint change. It feels more like a micro machines style racer than a realistic karting game but the zoomed out perspective works well when racing against a variety of other opponents in career mode to gain a perspective of how well you’re doing.

Customisable kart options you can purchase in the garage as you progress include:

  • Wheels
    • Steel
    • Aluminium
    • Magnesium
    • Carbon Fibre
  • Tyres
    • Street
    • Sport
    • Hard Slicks
    • Soft Slicks
  • Chassis
    • Steel
    • Aluminium
    • Magnesium
    • Carbon Fibre
  • Gears
    • Hi
    • Medium
    • Low
    • Pro
  • Engine Upgrades
    • Standard
    • Sport
    • Race
    • Pro
  • Bodyworks
    • Plastic
    • Fibre Glass
    • Superlight Plastic
    • Carbon Fibre

All upgrades and kart customisations come at a price so you must carry on racing to save an adequate amount of gold up before you purchase any of them.

Career Mode offers the most fun in the game as you get to race against 5 other opponents on a variety of tracks which are mostly accessible as you progress through the game.

When racing we like the ability to drift around the corners with your kart and the fact that too much drifting slows your kart down. This provides a real challenge to racers looking for that perfect time or to overtake and maintain a solid lead over your opponents.

Applying the brake is the alternative way to cruise around the corners; but again too much braking can slow you down leading to a very poor race time.

If you’re looking for a somewhat removed karting experience from a browser game then Red Bull Kart Fighter is that top down challenge you will want to check out.

Modnation Racers Mini GP

Online Karting Games 2

An impressive kart track building and customisation feature as well as a mini racing challenge means that Modnation Racers Mini GP is a very unique browser game; of course this is just a light version of a console game available for PS3 and PSP.

Light doesn’t always translate into a limited and dull experience and Modnation Racers Mini GP is a prime example of that being avoided. After all how many online games whether karting or other racing sub-genre allow you to be able to build and race on your own track?

The track building tool provides a painting style feature where you use the arrow keys to draw the shape of the karting track you would like. You can make the track as awkward or easy to drive around as you like. For example if you want to introduce aggressive bends every 2 seconds this is quite possible although it wouldn’t be the easiest track to start off on.

Before you even begin shaping your track you will need to select from a few different environmental settings, with an alpine, desert and jungle being available from the start.

So we have a set of environment settings and a painting track builder, what else…Next we have some decorations for your customised track. Some of the best decorations to pick from include various plants and hazard signs although the list is very expansive.

Finally this mini GP racer doesn’t just leave you with superficial customisations, how about a wide range of track obstacles you can place around on the track to create an added layer of difficulty. Obstacles include water and oil patches for a slippery race experience and boosts. The rotation tool for both decorations and the hazards mean you can create some very unique challenges on an already very unique track.

Modnations actual racing system involves using the direction keys to steer your kart around the track whilst space bar gives you a boost. The racing of your kart is far more challenging than Redbull Kart Fighter and beginners will find the game slightly annoying in terms of steering off the track and being sent back to a certain check point. We found Rebull Kart Fighter to be a much more enjoyable experience for beginners than MM GP.

In terms of racing options you have the quick race and the ability to explore tracks created by other players. The Quick Race option picks a kart and a track for you so you can get down to business instantly whereas the track explorer allows you to choose from one of 4 karts to start off with and a large variety of user created tracks. Either way you will be racing against many other real life players.

So does Modnations Mini GP out do Red Bull Kart Fighter for an online karting game? We absolutely think so and for those of you looking for a more creative karting game, MM GP gives you so much more than Redbull for track options. Yet what it has over Redbull Kart Fighter in terms of track building options it falls well short of concerning kart customisations and upgrades which RKF offers in a very generous serving.

What we ideally want from any online karting game and there are plenty more available here -, is a happy blend of both games.