Angry Birds Go Karting

Angry Birds Go Karting 1

We are use to associating those Angry Birds with a catapult and a lot of destruction, when atleast that’s how they started out. From there they have gone on to race in karts and even dress up as Transformers. Here we have a karting game that is as good as any other on your smartphone. It’s full of rich colours, great sound effects and packed with fun challenges for any casual karting racer.

The game is a typical Angry Birds title when it comes to the background which is whacky and whimsical, as are the visuals…


The games graphics are glossy and rich, almost to a console standard and there’s a decent amount of detail in the environments you are racing in, this is important when trying to bring a karting game to life rather some of the more primitive titles that appear on smart phones with those dodgy 3D terrains.


On a top range new generation phone Angry Birds Go performs smoothly and is a joy to play. There’s a no freezing, lag and imperfections.


1/ Steering

You can steer either with a left and right touch screen sensor feature or by tilting your device to the left and right, both are easy to do. The game is not hard to master which will prove popular with phone gamers who aren’t necessarily looking for a hard core driving experience.

2/ Drifting

Drifting around the corners is the standard way of taking the tightest ones but too much drifting can slow you down. It does however enable you to nudge opponents out of the way and provides the best chance of edging out competition before a home straight.

3/ On Your Marks, Get Set…Gooooo!

ABG Go offers a fun take off concept with your kart, you get to launch it through a catapult rather than typical boosts you may receive from a good timed acceleration start off which is a typical feature in the Mario Kart series.

The game is quiet novel when it comes to starting out of the blocks as it allows you free will to launch your go kart before the timer. However doing so will punish you and make your kart twirl around whist others will launch with greater speed and have a better chance of getting ahead of you.

4/ Acceleration

As this game is a downhill racer there’s no acceleration or gear changing, the kart just races down the hill on it’s own.

5/ Upgrades

ABG doesn’t leave you hanging for long before you have the ability to change and upgrade your kart, there’s plenty to choose from as well and you’re even given enough gold coinage from the start to switch karts which we happily did. Saving coins for better karts doesn’t take as long as some other freemium racers would have you spending in their game to scratch a living.

You will also find upgrading all the components of your existing kart will move it up to another level of power in terms of acceleration, handling, strength and speed. This will also improve the appearance of your kart which is always a nice feature in a racing game – no one wants to be racing in a kart that looks like a cardboard box with wheels (which is kind of what you start out with!)

6/ Crashing & Ramming

Crashing into opponents and ramming is an important ability that features from the very start of the game. After all karting without the ability to get aggressive to edge your opponent out is plain boring. Luckily enough Angry Birds Go is all about combat racing not just racing for racings sake.

Expect ramming and crashes to happen from the start as the screen is congested with all the piggy’s and birds starting from an equal footing – different to games like Mario Kart where everyone starts at a chequered position usually decided from the previous race.

Using your nitro at the right time in a congested field (when driving with the red starter bird) will bring about an awesome accelerated smash and crash through your competition which is fun to watch.

Car crashes which have started to feature heavily in a lot of casual and hardcore racing games these days (just checkout the sheer number of games that feature them here – www.crashgame.orgg) are inevitable in the game making ABG a combat karting game as much as typical racer. This adds a more fun dynamic to the standard soap box racing idea.

Combat can also happen through each racers special power, for example whilst the red bird you start with has the standard boost which can crash through other players, the pink bird floats in a bubble and leaves bubbles behind that can float into other players slowing them down.

Crashing doesn’t just involve other cars as you can also crash into obstacles when racing which will hinder your progress or during time trial challenge where it’s quite fun to do so – although counterproductive when you haven’t got much time left. We actual really admire the effects of crashes with both opponents and obstacles, rather than just the usual lazy effects used by some smart phone racers, Angry Birds Go gives a lot of kickback with crashes whereby the screen shakes and some fragment effects spring off from yours and your opponents karts.

7/ Fruit Splatters Galore

The fruit splattering stage is like Fruit Ninja on steroids, the idea is to crash your kart into all the fruit and splatter enough of them before you finish the race. It’s a fun little mode which adds an extra thrill to a time trial challenge. You will find all sorts of small challenges like this throughout ABG which keep it fresh and entertaining.

Angry Birds Go Karting 2

Additional Features

1/ Sweet Sweeettttttt Cupcakes

Cupcakes are the currency that allows you to continuously play Angry Birds Go without any downtime and they help you avoid racing fatigue. Thankfully obtaining them is easy by saving enough crystals or watching the odd short video.

Other than that you also have two birds to race with, so whilst one is resting the other can race.

For example we never faced any downtime in the first 2 hours of playing the game, so any negative exaggeration given to Angry Birds Go’s freemium model is unfairly attributed. Yes some racing games can be highly targeted at getting money out of you from the word Go (mind the pun) but Angry Birds Go isn’t one of them. You will most likely face some sort of downtime later on if you play a lot of hours but you should actually look at this as a healthy thing, taking small breaks in between playing should be done with any game so the odd half hour break isn’t too much to ask.

2/ Photo Gallery

At the end of every race photos of highlights are presented to you of some random race moments which you can share with mates online such as Facebook. Such a feature is pretty redundant early on, after all who would want to share a photo of a primitive kart and race track as opposed to one of the more fun tracks and powerful karts awaiting an experienced player.

3/ Variety of Race Tracks

Moving from one race track to the next isn’t so hard to do, you just have to complete most of the challenges from the former track which won’t take you that long to do and will give you enough time to save gold coins to upgrade your kart so it’s powerful enough for the competition that lies ahead.

Should I Give Angry Birds Go a Go?

Absolutely, it’s a fun and charming karting game which provides the perfect casual experience on a smart phone device and has just about enough about it to keep you playing.

As you progress you will no doubt reap the benefits of collecting and investing gold coinage in an upgraded kart and with online tournaments available you can take part in tougher races against real opponents, all without spending a single dime of your real life money! Get going now with ABG.