The Association of British Kart Clubs

The Association of British Kart Clubs

Formed in 1990, the Association of British Kart Clubs (ABkC) provides the connection between the Motorsport Association of the United Kingdom (MSA) and various karting clubs all over the country, of which over thirty are permanent members of the ABkC.

Each year at the ABkC Annual General Meeting, a group is elected to represent clubs that are members of the ABkC as well as other regional based karting clubs and associations from around the United Kingdom. Other participants in this group include members of the MSA and the British Kart Industry Association (BKIA) who represent many players in the field of karting, including manufacturers and retailers.

Karting Regulations for Clubs

The ABkC publish a yearly regulation booklet that governs various aspects of karting for that particular season. These regulations focus on the many classes of karting available at the numerous clubs throughout the country. Accurate and up to date information in this regard allows driver movement between clubs during the season. Clubs belonging to the ABkC are expected to follow all MSA regulations when hosting a race meeting.

Benefits of Joining the ABkC

The Association of British Kart Clubs 2

There are numerous benefits for karting clubs to become members of the ABkC. 

1/ Drawing up of regulations

Member clubs of the ABkC contribute towards drawing up the regulations for each year’s racing as part of the MSA Kart Race Yearbook.

2/ Standardised racing

The same regulations and choice of accessories, for example tyres are used at tracks all over the UK under the auspices of the ABkC. This ensures all drivers, including visiting drivers, start on an equal footing.

3/ Entry in ABkC championships

Member clubs are able to take part in the ABkC National Championships races.

4/ Hosting of ABkC championships

Member clubs can host ABkC National Championship races.

5/ Acknowledgement by MSA

The MSA identifies the ABkC as the body acting on behalf of karting in the United Kingdom. Along with other motorsport organisations, the ABkC is also a member of the MSA regional committee.

6/ Access to information and regulation changes

Karting clubs gain access to ABkC news, advice and information regarding proposed regulation changes. The ABkC actively seek feedback from clubs on all topics relating to karting in the United Kingdom.

7/ Access to promotional material to promote karting

The ABkC provide all member karting clubs with promotional material which can be used to market karting to schools, universities, libraries and youth centres. Each year, clubs receive a “Start Karting” full colour brochure to be used to market karting as a sport in their town or region.

8/ Help with day to day running of a karting club

The ABkC is on hand to provide clubs with assistance in various sectors pertaining to running a karting club, including financial advice. The ABkC also hold training sessions for important race day personnel such as timekeepers, scrutineers and clerks.

9/ Use of essential race day equipment

The ABkC also have important race day equipment available for use by clubs including scrutineering equipment.

10/ Listing on ABkC website

The ABkC offer an active and up-to-date website. For those unsure if they have a karting club in their region, the website includes a comprehensive list of all ABkC affiliated clubs found in the United Kingdom, as well as important contact details for club and competition secretaries.

"Start Karting" Initiative

The ABkC run a unique initiative to promote karting around the United Kingdom.  Potential racers are encouraged to register on the ABkC website and enter their postal details. They will then receive a DVD explaining how exactly to go about getting started in the adrenaline filled world of karting. A comprehensive digital brochure is also available to download off the website. The website also includes information about the many different classes and age groups of racing that take place around the country.